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FINALLY I am back in Russia. It was my second time in this country after I visited Moscow for Christmastwo years ago. So way to long no see Russia!
What I love most about this country? The attitude of the women, the food (I mean caviar and blinis for breakfast!) and the majestic historic background of that country.


We were so happy to stay at the best hotel in town! An illustrious St. Petersburg landmark, the grand Hotel Astoria sits directly across from St Isaac’s Cathedral, a short walk from leading attractions such as Nevsky Prospect, Palace Square and the Mariinsky Theatre. We had the pleasure sleep in one if the hotel`s Junior Suites with cathedral view. This view put a big smile on my face every morning coming out of the bed. As well as the super delicious pancakes and porridge at the big intercontinental breakfast buffet of Hotel Astoria. They offer everything one can wish for from caviar to classic egg dishes and even fresh french pastries. By the way oatmeal made with water is a real signature dish in Russia and so good. Beside the food goals another super cool extra of the hotel are the beauty products in the rooms by Salvatore Ferragamo. 

If you are looking for a real deep skin treatment make sure to visit a Rocco Forte Spa with the high end products by Irene Forte.

I had the honour to meet her in person and she really inspires me. As daughter of the big Rocco Forte empire she is still so lovely down to earth but at the same time Irene knows what she wants. Her skincare totally reflects her attitude and that is what it makes it authentic and great to me. I am really into her vegan skin care with active ingredients like oils butters and fruits and vegetable extracts. Your skin gets a real boost by nature.


So no chance to overdresses in comparison to Russian girls! They know how to stand out the line. I have to say to me Moscow is more chic and Saint Petersburg is more casual- nevertheless make sure tor bring your fluffy jacket (in Russia it is very common to wear fur from a historical background). As you might know I love to wear skirts so when it comes to cold Russia I love to wear big maxi skirts.

By the way the Russian people seemed to be pretty used to princess looks like this-nobody was wondering-love it!

To downgrade my princess outfit a bit more for sightseeing I just combined the tullel skirt with a nice v neck knitwear out of soft cashmere.

At my more “casual” days I combines them with a cool jeans with bow details and some edgy sneakers.


As you already know we always try to see some of the beautiful sights our destinations have. Most of the time there are way more then we could have the chance to see while we stay in a city, but nevertheless we try to visit at least a few. St. Petersburg has so much unbelievable details and special sights. We had the chance to see the Eremitage and the beautiful Church of the Savior on Blood.


The Eremitage is complex of several buildings and belongs to the world’s biggest museums. I think you definitely need more than one day if you are interested in arts and paintings. I absolutely loved the former winter palace of the czars. Like our beautiful Neuschwanstein castle, these buildings always let me daydream – as girls always do – being a princess. The winter palace has all these colours (tiffany turquoise) and decorations we all love. The gold and all the beautiful curtains and interiors….And in front of it Cinderella`s carriage is waiting!

Church of the Savior on Blood

I always wanted to see a Russian orthodox church. I love the way the paint their onion doms and the front of the buildings. Actually we just wanted to see the church from the outside but we had the chance to get in and experience a orthodox service. My blood still runs cold while thinking about these beautiful choirs singing their chants in this special atmosphere. 


Mickey & Monkeys

the king freak shake of all the freak shakes! I mean is this dream in purple even real? The milk shake includes every sweet on earth like rainbow cake, cotton candy, waffles, marshmallows and even cream! No way to finish it but such an nice instagramable eye catcher!

Cafe Singer

The cafe with the most Russian view of all an a very classic flair. Try the typical cottage cheese patties! So yummy and you can even have them a sweet starter.

Teatime at Astoria Hotel

Hotel Astoria serves a delicious tea time every afternoon in their stylish Rotanda lounge ! Don’t miss that!

So thanks for this warm welcome again Russia- this time it won’t take 2 years till I am back hopefully!



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