Hi loves,

maybe your already noticed – I am not the trendsetter kind of blogger. I think there are three types of bloggers – the ones that make the trends, the ones that follow these trends super fast and in the end girls like me.

I almost never would buy an expensive trend bag. Maybe the only exception was the Gucci Marmont and the Valentino Rockstud. I have the feeling that these two are not so trendy anymore. Usually I just wait till I am sure this will be a classic bag FOREVER. When it comes to my favourite brand DIOR (a lot of you think it is Chanel, but it is not as to many girls wear classic flaps) almost every part of the collection is timeless. Especially the Lady Dior is a piece that every super bag addicted women should own 😉

When Christian Dior came out with the the J’ADIOR bag about 2 years ago I fell in love immediately. This claim is so me. The mix between #logomania and a real message. But in two seconds the bag was everywhere on Instagram and I just felt like I have seen it to much… It is nothing special anymore if everybody wears it and you see it on like 1000 pics? Do you agree?

Therefore I was so happy when a smaller size of the J`ADIOR bag and new colours came out! How gorgeous is the glossy lilac varnish finish! By the way my dress is by H&M – love to upgrade simple pieces with luxurious accessories.

Now I will SPAM you with this bag for sure and even I am not a cool trendsetter this is more the blog for how to buy classics only 😉 If I buy a designer piece you can be sure – It will last till we are fashionista grannies 😉




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