Friday Whatever #17

Friday!! And one of THE topics of the last week was influencer hate or rather Caro Daur hate. So what happened? A big German magazine published an interview with Caro Daur and denigrated her job and criticized her for not answering questions about her income.

So, let’s talk a little bit about the job of being a blogger and why we get paid for work. (Already having to explain why we get paid for work is weird enough). We actually work 24/7. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like work, but – it is.

Of course, blogger superstars like Caro Daur earn lots and lots of money for their sponsored posts, beyond our imagination. But hey, let’s compare this to the income model of magazines who kicked this off. They use content (advertisements) generated by the brands themselves and publish it via one klick in their magazines. So, they get paid only for generating reach. One example you can all read up online: Elle Germany, circulation about 125,000 magazines, ad rate 30,900 Euros.

Caro Daur, entrepreneur, managing her own business, producing all content by herself, followers 1,100,000, ad rate for sure below 30,900 Euros. Why the hell shouldn’t she get paid for this massive reach she generates for brands? She IS a celebrity nowadays. Way more famous than other German celebrities. No one blames them for making millions with advertisings.

And do other people with normal jobs have to answer questions about their income, taxes, investments in public? I wouldn’t.

And one last word to the editor of the article: When you start criticizing because your work is a oh-so much more serious media, make sure there are no spelling mistakes in your published article. I bet Caro Dauer does not have spelling mistakes 😜



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