Chanel La Pause


excitement level 10000 when it is all about a new Chanel bag. 

To be honest I did not really like the last 3 collections. The colours were super dark and not really outstanding. But when I saw the current Cruise 2018 collection LA PAUSA the fist time I was in love immediately. I think the hole theme about the cruise ship is super special and was also a big thing when the one and only Gabrielle Chanel still was the designer of the brand. 

So no better place to unbox this baby right by the ocean at beautiful Sylt, right?! 

Obviously this bag 

seems to be a swim ring. I love the pink details, the cursive letters and the transparent part to look inside the ring. It really is a piece of art and a collectors item for crazy bag-holics like I am.

What do you think?

Let`s go for a little Chanel swim and always take a PAUSE by the beach chair!







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