Friday Whatever #22 Wiesn Edition

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Ladies, the fifth season of the year for us Munich girls is on and this is for sure the most fun time of the year. So here comes our favorite Wiesn tips, spots, facts and basically our Wiesn Whatever!

The Dirndl

We love love love wearing dirndl. The dirndl may be the most flattering thing you can wear as a woman. No matter what size or shape you are, every girl will look fabulous in the right dirndl! Of course the most important things: Never wear a dirndl that shows your knees (too short! Seriously, don’t do!) and, this faux pas may be not as worse as the wrong length but for us real Munich girls still an absolute no go: never wear off shoulder or colored blouses. Especially black. This just has nothing to do with a dirndl blouse.

We have to get at least one new dirndl every season. Right now, more basic and traditional dirndl are in style, even though Steph is still looking for her dream glamour princess bling bling piece 😉 But, also more casual gowns can be as glamorous, with high quality fabrics and beautiful details. We found our new favorites at Berzaghi & Freymann, made out of silk, velvet and wool in classy colors, traditional but cool and just perfect for…

The Tents

There are just a few tents you will find us. We want to have good food, residents around us (nothing is worse than being in the middle of a bunch of drunk Australians, someone rescue us!!), good music and also party mood, of course!!

So for a casual night dancing on the tables (well, that’s not allowed but at least on the benches) we will choose the Schützen Festzelt. Probably the highest percentage of Munich people and always a fun atmosphere.

For the best Kaiserschmarrn and the most beautiful decoration, visit the Käfer Wiesnschänke. The thing is, without a table reservation you won’t get a seat inside the tent so we always try to get a table at least for one time and have a real Bavarian feast!

Tip for all single girls: the Weinzelt. We are not the biggest beer drinkers and at the Weinzelt, you can not even order beer after 9 p.m. More wine for us, especially as the guys you are flirting with will order a bottle for sure! And if you are girls only, at the small entrance in the back the doorman will get you inside, just blink at him friendly 😉

The Food

Food is our biggest hobby, so briefly our must eats every year:

  • Ochsensemmel at Ochsenbraterei
  • Apfelkücherl at the stand across from Marstall
  • Hendl at Weinzelt (maybe the best one, especially the potato salad!)
  • Fresh and hot cocos-almonds – every year on the hunt to find them, tell us how the stand is called!
  • And Sarah is having a haxn every year for one time, kind of embarrassing between those etepetete girls (no translation for that haha) but as a blogger, you don’t know such thing as shame

We hope to see you girls!!


Sarah and Steph


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