Hey dears,

autumn is our favourite season over all. Sarah and I always count the days till we can wear our over knees with big knit sweaters for the first time again. So stay tuned for some sexy autumn posts. That is why I was searching for the perfect bag that goes with this look and every other autumn color like dark green, orange and grey.

What could fit better than the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas. I have to be honest: I do not like it so much for summer but for me it is the coolest trend when the leaves are falling.

So the hunt for the super limited Pochette Métis Monogram started. It is everywhere on Instagram but in no single store.

So I looked after it in every country I traveled to:

Paris: No chance!
Munich: 8 month waiting time (no thanks, then we have summer again)
Zurich: 2 years waiting time (are you kidding me??)

My last stop was lovely St. Tropez. I asked the shop assistant in the LV store: “It might be a stupid question, but do you have the classic Pochette Métis Monogram. I had give up all hope already ;)”

And he just answered: “Yes I have it in every color, please follow me.” OMGGGGG can I marry this guy?

Then he showed me even the super rare Monogram Reserve Canvas. I always love special editions but I decided to to go for the classic and was the happiest kid on earth stepping out this store with my NEW baby!

Do you know this #shoppingfeeling? When you get something super special or even better when something is on sale you always wanted?

Nothing better, right!





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