Friday Whatever #5

It’s gossip Friday again!

So last weekend started with a date night (at least it should have started that way). I met a guy not from Munich some weeks ago and actually really kind of like him so I was actually really looking forward to this Friday. He came to Munich and we planned that he would stay at my place but he had a meeting before. So I started like days before to renovate my flat until you could eat from the floor and renovate myself – single girls you feel me.

So it got later and later and the meeting took longer and longer and I got a little pissed. So after almost two hours I told him to book a hotel (yup, a little bitchy). And he actually booked a hotel. And that’s when I got REALLY pissed haha.

But what I actually wanted to tell you! When I moved in my apartment almost three years ago I did not planned to stay that long. I invested no money and effort at all as I thought it would be a interim flat, no pretty decorations, nothing on the walls, IKEA for life. So. Almost three years later and still single and broke af. I don’t have guests that often and when I have it are really close friends – and you don’t care at all about your interior when close friends visit you, right 😉

Back to this guy – when it happens that someone else visits me at home every once in a while, I immediately start to feel uncomfortable. So even though he stayed at a hotel and whatever (Friday Whatever, right) I got some motivation to do a little decoration – of course, still without investing money.

I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet. – Carrie Bradshaw

So feel free to have a little laugh at my new DIY super barbie decoration details, I will stay single af for the rest of my life hahaha!



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