THE PINK MACARON`s private Hideaway Wachtelhof


how do we say? The best comes for last! This slogan is so true. I had one final weekend hideaway in the snow before spring will start officially in my mind and closet- say bye bye to Moon Boots and big jumpers. Our last winter trip brought us close to beautiful Salzburg to the amazing Boutique Hotel Wachtelhof.

In my opinion this hotel is at the top 3 of the most beautiful Boutique Hotels I have ever visited! A real private Hideaway!
Especially the interior and the atmosphere is goals!

Every time you entrance the hotel it feels like coming home. Cozy living room style meets exklusive furniture, hunting decoration and the best: there are books everywhere. The finest coffee table book selection I ever saw. Actually Boutique Hotel Wachtelhof is more than a hotel it is a cozy library. I just started to read everywhere with a hot cup of tea, because you felt so comfortable everywhere. Maybe one of the reasons is because there is no lobby or reception like in other hotels just cozy rooms with big couches. 
And when you think it can not get more lovely you see the spa of Boutique Hotel Wachtelhof

A total zone of relaxing because it also offers a private home flair even with a chimney. Normally I really go only to the spa to shoot as this is part of my job as travel blogger. I come in shoot my pictures and leave because it is my routine and not a day off. No chance at the spa area of the Boutique Hotel Wachtelhof to get into a work flow. I just had to read a book about Arabian horses, relax and use one of their saunas and the private jacuzzi.
Around the hotel you will find a beautiful area for skiing in winter or walking through flower fields in summer. My special tip: The stylish Tom Chalet. I mean they have a cute little pug as mascot! 

In the end of my stay I met the lovely owner of the Wachtelhof and she told me this hotel has a soul! I think she defiantly is right! 
See you soon beautiful hunting lodge!



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