UNBOXING: Chanel Vanity Bag

From time to time life feels like a dream! You make a wish and your magic fairy tale makes dreams come true! In this case the magic fairy is from beautiful Luxembourg.

The Chanel Vanity Case made it on top of our wish list in the moment it was released. The idea of bringing the classic Chanel Beauty Bag from the golden sixties back to the latest collection is just fabulous. Thanks to King Karl.
But although the bag is quite an investment it was immediately sold out everywhere. The Chanel store in Munich only has a very small collection anyway. That’s why we struggled to get the bag at another store in the world:

Berlin: SOLD OUT
Dusseldorf: SOLD OUT
Hamburg: SOLD OUT

After almost giving up we came to the amazingly selected Chanel store at the city of Luxembourg and OMG they organized one last CC Vanity Bag.
So sometimes you just have to be a little crazy and drive over 500 kilometers to get your hands on your dream bag…

Thanks to fashion destiny and be prepared for a vanity bag spam!

DSC01765 DSC01746 DSC01757 DSC01753 DSC01756 DSC01758 DSC01759

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