THE PINK MACARON Sneakers Dress Up Guide


If you follow my journey for some time you know: I almost never wear sneakers. I am just not the sportive type of girl. I love any kind of elegant flats since day one and live in them. But my mum- she shops trainers (because she needs to run with our dog several times per day) and lucky me she buys some very cool styles most oft he time. 

Like this most wanted shoes in nude by DIOR. Every It-girl owns them and  the waiting list is super long. So of course I had to steal them from her for a littel shooting in London at my favourite PINK door . Did I mention that the sneakers are one size too big for me, but hey they are most wanted 😉

When it comes to the sneaker styling I love to dress them up

The best way to do so is to combine them with:

  1. A tight midi dress (like this one on the pictures)
  2. A super short ballon skirt (sexy version)
  3. A plissee midi skirt 

Nope no throusers for me when it comes to sneaker outfits. We don`t want to look too sporty right. 😉

Also for the matching bag it is very important that it has got an elegant shape like this lovely basket by Prada. Nothing that reminds of a gym bag please!

As last tip I would recommend a flattering piece of clothes. Something like this beige trench coat or a silk scarf that adds elegance to the sportive casual shoes.

So let`go for a run (at Harrod´s around the corner 🙂 .




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