The PINK MACARON’s 50 Shades of Snow


Hi loves, I can not remember the last time we had so much beautiful snow in Munich! You can even go for a sleigh ride in the heart of the city at Englischer Garten! So time to cover in a beautiful pastel coloured outfit to match this winter wonderland and shoot something beautiful for you in my neighbourhood.


Lately I am totally addicted to hunt for new pieces at Shopbob. I especially love to find new cool US designers here and some pretty styles not every girl in Europe wears. So as some of the pieces I wear in this post are already a bit older I just linked you different categories to look around a little bit! Things to do an a cold snowy Sunday, you know!


My personal highlight designers (I am head accessories addict) are Eugenia Kim and Jennifer Beer. Eugenia does the coolest hat creations like for example a classic pink floppy hat with some pretty pearl details. Jennifer creates more hair clips like the cutest bows or big headbands made from velvet.

So happy shopping loves. It is an “Add To Card” kinda day!  




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