REVEAL: Xmas Unwrapping

Christmas is about LOVE, family and maybe some PINK goodies! So we have to show you what Santa Baby brought us this year…. well, we must have been very very good 😉

1. Chanel Espadrilles Cruise 2016
Same story every year: No more CC espadrilles because they are getting more and more expensive with every collection and we missed no one since they were introduced.
Then the day comes when Chanel Munich is calling: CRUISE IS HERE! Well, we can just take a look right… We don’t need to buy anything!
So here is the result when PINK MACARONs just want to take a look. Isn’t the icy blue just perfect?

2. Mini Lady Dior
What a lovely and elegant surprise under the christmas tree by our other timeless favorite Dior. This one is a special edition as it has not the usual leather handle but a long glittering strap so you can wear this baby cross body, too!

Well, Santa Baby you can come back next year 😉


HO HO HO ihr Lieben,
wer mal ganz viele verrücke Blogger Mädels auf einem Haufen sehen will, muss nur Anfang November in der Maximilianstrasse vorbei düsen, an dem Tag an dem die neuen Chanel Espadrilles ankommen. Aber bitte direkt um 10 Uhr, sonst ist alles ausverkauft und die Munich Blogger schon wieder daheim im Chanel KOMA!

Wundervolle Weihnachtsfeiertage für euch und eure Liebsten!


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