The PINK MACARON at Shangri-La al Husn

Anzeige / Markennennung

Imagine the story of Scheherazade in Thousands and One Nights. When I first steeped into the Shang-ri La Al Husn Resort & Spa in the Oman it really felt like a fairytale. The babbling of the fountains and waving palms immediately draw me into another world. 

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Luxury Breakfast with a view
So here are my 6 personal reasons why to visit the Oman and the Shangri-La Al Husn Resort & Spa
1. First things first: FOOD!!! Never ever had better French toast with berries for breakfast! Also the resort offers you a delicious and elegant tea time every afternoon for free. Scones and cream forever! You like the romantic thing with sundowner drinks? Well, its also included every evening. We can not ask for more! 
Breakfast with a view; Oceanview
2. The Shangri-La al Husn is saddled between stone mountains at the beach very close to Muscat. Whether you are looking for a sea adventure or a journey into the mountains or desert- everything is possible. We went to some oasis, read more about our trip in my Oman Travel Dairy.
3. It is the perfect Instagram picture place- I loved to take pictures here very much as this kind of landscape is so unique in the hole world and not overseen on Instagram. Defiantly a plus!
4. The beach of the resort is located in a small bay where you can to canoe or even snorkel….or you simply tan to the max.
5. It`s Spa time, babes: One of my favourite beauty brands will always be L`Occitane. I love the smell of Provence, honey and lavender. Imagine a spa that offers you this experience in the Oman! The Shangri-La al Husn is the only one and I had a wonderful relaxing facial!
6. And the hotel offers L`Occitane mini beauty products in their rooms, too. Well maybe…it could be…that I asked the cleaning lady for 5-10 extra shampoos 😉 
7. Everybody who knows my Instagram feed also is aware of- I am a “Infinity-Pool-addict”. Nothing beats the stunning view from a pool that becomes one with the ocean like the one from Shangri-La al Husn.
You need more reasons?
Well, just visit the Oman and find out the other 1000 reasons, because the world is too big to leave unexplored. 


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