The PINK MACARON Valentine’s Madness

Ladies, it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m single af for the third V-Day in a row. Most of the single ladies I know can’t stand this day, but I actually really like these kinds of days, just as I like Easter, St. Nicholas Day or Christmas. I like to make those days special and stick to every cheesy tradition you can think of.

Don’t get me wrong, of course I also wish I had a Valentine’s date. Just a nice date, maybe some flowers, no strings attached, not too much to ask for I think. Tbh, V-Day also makes me a little more thoughtful the days before and I maybe start feeling a little lonely. But if I learned one single thing the last couple of years, it is to never depend your own personal happiness on somebody other than you.

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself.

And I don’t want a man (or rather no man) to keep me from enjoying my V-Day or anything else in life!

Tbh part II, at some point I’m even glad I’m not part of this stressful Valentine’s-Day-relationship-thing. Only few couples I know (or I have been part of) actually truly enjoy V-Day. There are always expectations not being met, different ideas of this day, some kind of weird competition going on between couples, some kind of weird pressure to prove the extreme happiness of the relationship (even to themselves), usually always ending up in someone being pissed off and arguments. Hell no!

So this year, I sleep in, I bought myself a chocolate pralines heart and have chocolate for breakfast, I take myself out on a sunset walk in the neighborhood and will cook the most delicious pasta with approx. 5 billion calories for myself for dinner, just before I will drink too much wine and have the most fun watching The Bachelor in my PJs. Of course with lots of candles.

I am the best boyfriend I will ever have.




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