The PINK MACARON goes Orange

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Hi loves, as you might know I am not working as a full time blogger only but I also have my own Social Media agency ROHDE PR where I do a lot of content creation and photography. I would not say I am an amazing photographer. I am just good in imagery. I can create a certain atmosphere in images. Like I did in this post here with a lot of orange in my dress and accessories, hard shadows, hidden labels and no eye make up.

Unfortunately this is not the best for Instagram. I got only half of the likes I usually reach on these pictures. Well, because Instagram loves other pictures. The inspirational ones with a lot of (real!!!) friends 😉 This is not really fair because arty pictures enrich us. But when you follow me on Instagram you will see: I love inspiring images too. I don’t think it is bad to do inspiring content as many bloggers say: “Nothing individual anymore on Instagram.”

I think this is the FAIR OF NOT BEING DIFFERENT. And it is huge in our generation!!! Everybody nowadays is so afraid of being the same then others on Social Media. But when it comes to bodies everybody has to look the same right? Skinny… trained… full upper lips… Isn’t that crazy? Or let’s talk about noses for example? I think a lot about noses as I do not like mine so much, but it fits in my face. So many girls do a nose job and after the noses all look (pretty) but pretty much the same. So why? Where is the REAL individuality gone?

If we want to be different we should not try this in a very very perfect way on arty Instagram pictures. Only in real life. And by the way for me being different is not a goal. I don’t feel the pressure…But being happy is my goal. And if I am happy because a lot of people see and like my pics because this is the Instagram algorithm. Ok, no problem that is part of the game, even it is a hard one. Being happy is what makes your life complete not being different in comparison to other people on Instagram.

And now what do you think? As a blogger or as a follower? I would love to hear your opinion!



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