THE PINK MACARON in love with LUNA fofo

Hello from beautiful Thailand! While traveling, we always have to take some extra care of our skin. Planes, ocean water, sun on (white German) skin and different water conditions always lead to skin issues. That is why we are so happy to have a real personalized skin care tool as our travel buddy and we can update our skin routine every single day: The amazing FOREO LUNA fofo!


The LUNA fofo delivers a 2-in-1 smart facial massage and cleansing solution. By analyzing your skin, it personalizes a routine unique to your very own skin type. The more you know, the more you glow! And that is what we are looking for everyday, right?

After each skin analysis, a made-to-measure routine just for your unique skin profile is created in the FOREO app, and synced to LUNA fofo for optimized results. So cool that you can use an app to save your skin results and also give the LUNA fofo more informations (e.g. how much water you drink during the day). The LUNA fofo is analyzing the results in a personalized routine, every single time you use it. 

I was super happy to get some extra moisture for my skin after tanning to the max at the beach! We are using the Foreo products for one year now and really have to say they are approved. Our skin got so much clearer and looks fresher even in winter or while traveling. What we like most is that you can combine your own beauty favs with the FOREO products like your daily beloved facial wash or creams. So we can stick to our favorite products but make them much more efficient because we know what our skin needs and when we should use it.

So to all Globetrotters out there – you better get your hands on the little beauty miracle LUNA fofo by FOREO and shine all day everywhere! 


Steph and Sarah 

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