The PINK MACARON Pizza in Bed

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Hey dolls,

when the weekend is there, there is this one thing we all are super exited about: GIRLS NIGHT OUT! We do not have the chance to celebrate a real PINK girls night only as often as some years ago as we are traveling so much, but for us the pre party is always even more fun than the club night itself.

Relaxing to loud hip hop music with your bestie at home, deciding which outfit to wear, and exchanging tips for the best make up! Well, in this case Sarah has all the tips as Steph is a real make up loser 😉

But the most important thing:

1. Eating the biggest pizza ever – we need a base for all the cocktails to come right! #wagenradgross

2. Styling our hair in a super glamorous way. Therefore we tried the amazing styling tools by Luxury for Princess for our clip in extensions! Our choice: the Luxury Curler 5-in1 set. It’s like having five separate hair curlers, but much more affordable and easier to transport and deposit. You can style many different kind of curls with this set like big Victoria’s Secret waves (see our inspiration here, too) or even fuller prom waves. Of course you can also straighten your hair what we love as we both have some natural waves. So it really is all in one!

And in the end we have to say: Skinny people are easier to kidnap – STAY SAVE EAT PIZZA!






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