UNBOXING: Chanel Gabrielle Backpack


Ladies, it’s our favourite time: unboxing time!! The black and white one 😉

You know I am addicted to Chanel and I am collecting their bags since I’ve been 18 years old.
My first one was the most timeless Chanel flap in caviar leather with silver hardware. To be honest: I would never buy this bag again as so many girls have it but I love every of my Chanel babies of course.

Something that is definitely missing in my collection is a backpack. As I am not at all the sporty type I could have never imagined that I will buy a backpack one day – but if Chanel designs one I just can not resist.

Also not because this one is made of cool used silver leather, which is one of the biggest trends this winter season. Really everything comes in silver. I already bought silver winter boots and this silver mini skirt by H&M. As I love to pimp basic clothes with high end accessories I can not wait to style my new Chanel Gabrielle backpack to this sexy skirt and a big knit as a cool “aprés ski look”. And I have so so many more styles in mind. The great thing is you do not have to wear this one as a backpack only. I also love to wear it just on one shoulder or simple as a sac in my hand.

Stay tuned for a lot of #silverspam.

So what do you think? Backpacks yes or no? Silver yes or no?







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