The PINK MACARON Friday Whatever #3

Friday again!

Last weekend started with a short trip to Kitzbuhel. One of the best things about living in Munich is, that you can spontaneously pack your weekender and enjoy a little getaway at the most beautiful spots within a short drive. I always love to enjoy some mountain views but Kitz may not be my favorite destination in the Alps. They really need to engage some PINK city planners as there is no single really instagrammable spot right here 😉

One day home for packing again and I left to Lisbon / the Portugese coast. I have never been to Portugal before and it turned out to be so much more beautiful than expected! I usually always want to travel as far as possible as Europe seems to be a little boring in my head. Oh so wrong, there is a reason why Europe is THE travel goal for Americans and Asians! My travel guide with all must sees and dos and eats will follow soon so stay tuned…

A little anecdote of the blogger life to conclude: Here in Germany nobody turns around when we take pictures. The Germans seem to got used to crazy girls taking embarrassing pictures everywhere. Not so in Lisbon! I wanted to take a shot in front of a really pretty door (pretty doors everywhere in Lisbon). While doing so, people took pictures of me taking the picture; stopped and watched and one guy even bought an ice cream to enjoy the show and wanted to get seriously involved in the picture selection. But the absolute highlight came then. I went to a restaurant for lunch. As always I set up the table for my picture, arranged everything, did not take a sip because I waited for the food. While in Munich no one cares, the waitress started to ask why I don’t drink, whether I don’t like the bread and wtf I’m basically doing. So I told her that I’m a blogger and guess what happened. In between the starter and the main course I ordered she brought me like every single dish of the menu to try. The cutest thing ever but in the end I was actually dying. Exploding. And the last thing I wanted to do was to stop eating or reject anything. So the rest of the day I was rolling through Lisbon 😉



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