The PINK MACARON @ The Garden Route


Ladies, as I told you in the last blog post, I finally made it to the Garden Route! I’m pretty sure you could spend weeks and months exploring this beautiful region in South Africa. I was so surprised by the beautiful landscapes along the route – I always imagined South Africa as dry and dull land but it is the complete opposite. Lush greens, lakes, mountains… I even started comparing it to Canada! 💚

First things first: Hiking will be a big part of your trip in order to see all the wonderful spots along the Garden Route. Our favorites to hike in style? Cool and comfy sneakers we always find at Planet Sports!

My two favorite places for a calm Garden Route stop to enjoy this breathtaking nature:


The historical town of Swellendam at the foot of the beautiful Langeberg Mountains is the third oldest town in South Africa and you immediately feel like you travelled in time to a different century. The perfect place to stay in the heart of the old town: The charming Schoone Oordt Country House. Every single South African I told I am staying there immediately started enthusing about this place and I can tell why – so much love in every detail, a lovely garden full of blossoms and flowers and on top a salt water pool, super delicious breakfast in the conservatory and a complimentary afternoon tea – pure bliss!

I can also highly recommend exploring the wonderful mountains by horse – the Appelsbosch Farm can’t be any more picturesque and the horses are just wonderful. Can you believe they are allowed to live freely in the mountains when they are not working?! A little piece of paradise for sure!


If I had to (or rather could) choose one single place to spend the rest of my life, it would be Gansbaai. The calm fishing village lies on one of the most stunning coastlines I have ever seen in my life and I could stare at the sea all day long – best from the wonderful Whalesong Lodge. The charming owner and her staff make it feel like home – just a little more beautiful 😉 View goals for sure!

Just grab a towel and have a walk to the stunning Walker Bay – if you are lucky you are completely alone on this 13 kilometers long beach. What a feeling… On top: Gansbaai is the White Shark capital of the world and one of the best spots for whale watching. Adventure is guaranteed!

And next: Safari time!!





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