The PINK MACARON Traveldiary Marrakech #1


How my family came to Marrakech

As you may spotted in my Instagram stories this was not my first visit at stunning Morocco. My stepfather came to Marrakech 23 years ago and YES he is a real trendsetter! Nobody was in Marrakech at that time but he immediately felt in love with the oriental spirit. He bought an very old and run down Riad and begun to restore it in a very traditional way. The restoration took over 6 years. Since the Riad is finished we fly from Munich to Marrakech 2-3 times per year. When I came to Marrakech for the first time as a little girl there were no cars or shops in the city at all. Only cute donkeys with big ears and street food 😉

This brings me to the only point I do not like about Marrakech – besides the magical 1001 night flair there are so many animals that suffer till death. Especially cats are tormented in a cruel way. That is why I always try to save one cat every two or three years. Why not more? It is super expensive to get a cat from Marroco to the EU and takes over 4 month of work! This time I choose this little black girl to come to Germany. She is only 4 weeks old and has no mother anymore. Besides bringing cats to Europe we also care about them on site with food and medical care at our place.

And now lets get back to the beautiful side of Marrakech! Here come my travel tips! I will have many more but at this trip I only could check out the following places for you:


Riad BE

I start with the most wonderfull place – the funny thing is I come to Marrakech for so many years now and never visited the beautiful RIAD BE even it is just around the corner of our house. You need to see this turquoise miracle hidden behind big walls. Just come along and have a cup of fresh mint tea or stay at one of there lovely bedrooms. I had my first oriental cooking lesson at RIAD BE and loved it – especially as we had some help by a little black and white “Troublemaker”. Eating Tajine on their terrace and watching the sun go down behind the roofs of Marrakech – just a unforgettable moment in my life! Thank you for the warm welcome!

Four Seasons Marrakech 

The other place I totally can recommend to you is the Four Seasons Marrakech! Of course every Four Seasons is amazing and unique but I love this one especially because the interior has the perfect mix between a modern and a Moroccan touch with 1000 of roses. Also the pools are a lovely calm oasis. Perfect to enjoy a Day Spa with nice a nice massage, yummy detox drinks and fresh fruits.

Royal Mansour

Well, greetings form Sex and the City and great to enjoy a traditional Moroccan Hamam.

La Mamounia

As you may can see our own Riad is inspired by the amazing traditional interior of the La Mamounia with all its stucco work and mosaics. It also has one of the most famous photo spots in Marrakech. Beside this you can have the best french cuisine at the “Le Francais”.


Here comes my other restaurant tipps for you:

1. Café Arabe: Enjoy traditional Moroccan dishes and cocktails.

2. Bo & Zin: My favourite hotspot in Marrakech to watch cool people and listen to great music.

3. LING LING: with a view over the stunning Mandarin Oriental you enjoy amazing asian food like dumplings or duck.

Thanks for ready loves and of course stay tuned for the save journey of our new kitty from Morocco to Germany.



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