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Hi loves,

long time no beauty talk but you know I only share beauty products and especially personal recommendations when I am 100 % sure and really have something special for you! This blog post will be about 2 special beauty products that I absolutely love and are my number one secret to looking stunning, even if you travel and work a lot like I do!

I think it is very important to keep your beauty routine easy, but still effective while you are traveling. Even if we can’t take all beauty products we normally use with us. So let’s focus on the most helpful and effective things for our beauty from the outside and even more important from the inside! 

  1. Beauty from the inside: The Regulatpro Hyaluron Beauty-Drink to go!
  2. Beauty from the Outside: My favorite moisturizer (for face and body!) in the whole wide world Regulat Magic Mousse! 
    1Let’s start with my Beauty Drink since countless years. Autumn is around the corner and it gets darker and cooler. Even though autumn is my favorite season for fashion looks, I always start to feel a bit weak and sick when the days get shorter and the temperature colder, especially when I travel a lot in cars and planes. I always start to miss the sun! Additionally, my skin doesn’t have that summer glow anymore, but rather becomes dry very quickly and stressed.
    2So my ultimate secret to prevent all side effects from seasonal changes and in general is the Regulatpro Hyaluron Anti Aging Beauty Drink!

The famous vegan Beauty-Drink from Germany is packed with several natural ingredients, all kinds of natural beauty boosters like the famous hyaluronic acid, fermented fruits, vegetables and nuts, biotin, zink, copper, vitamin C and over 50.000 antioxidants, enzymes and several more organic plant extracts! This is a highly effective beauty drink and one of a kind for sure!

Due to it’s practicality in size, I can take the super healthy Beauty Shots with me wherever I go! They are in my bag on every single trip, just like at this exiting weekend in Venice. 
The Beauty Drink naturally beautifies your skin, strengthens the connective tissue, benefits your hair and nails and gives you that much needed extra natural energy and immune power. I had very thin hair and nails and since drinking the Regulatpro Hyaluron beauty shots, I have clearly seen a significant change! My hair has gotten so much stronger and fuller over the time – it even got this special natural glow which I always wanted so badly. It just takes one shot a day (during the summer I only drink 3 per week, in winter I have a shot everyday) so the benefits of this super easy beauty ritual are immense. Another result is a radiant and firm skin, you will love! What I also cherish about this special product is the clinically proven Anti-Aging effect – I am already 31 years (old/young) and the results are pretty astonishing so far! To prove my long term love for the Regulatpro Hyaluron Beauty Drink I quickly want to link you this blog post from 2016. Ok, can we please NOT talk about the layout (we were young and…). Nevertheless, I feel I have less cellulite and stronger hair since the day I started with Regulat.

HOW TO USE: Drink the beauty shot in the morning before or with your breakfast or between your meals during the day. Don’t forget to drink one glas of still water afterwards, which will give you an even better result! 

2. Beauty from the outside: I am sure you tried as numerous body lotions and moisturizers as I did…Well, I am sure that I tried at least 20 different brands. I was always searching for 5 benefits, the perfect moisturizer for me had to have/ offer:

• The smell should be perfect, as you put it all over your body (very important: your BF or hubby should like the smell too) 

• Long lasting hydration- optimally up to 24 hours!

• Fast absorption of the cream/ mousse so that it is not all over the clothes

• A travel size version that is not too tiny and not too big. I require a size that lasts for more than a weekend trip however also fits into my hand luggage (less than 100ml)

• It must be Anti-Aging! I want my body’s skin to stay as young as the skin in my face! Why do so less people think about this? 

I tried so many brands until I found Regulat Magic Mousse. Now the search has finally come to an end!

This super luxurious hydration skin foam really offers all 5 benefits and even more! I love the smell (something like soft vanilla) and in some way it really feels like a spa treatment every time I apply it. The best add on: it contains highly dosed and different mixed sorts of Hyaluron to prevent skin aging for the entire body! YESSS!!!

HOW TO USE: All day, everyday! Shake well and then apply the required amount. I also love the travel size version (75ml) to take with me in my handbag wherever I go. Especially before shootings I always use it to have soft skin on my shin. You can use it for your face and body and even apply it in a thick layer as an intense moisturizing face mask.

Ok ladies, I hope you enjoyed this beauty talk and well- you can thank me later 


Yours Stefanie


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