The PINK MACARON’s Guide to Amsterdam

“Travel is the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richer”. So Steph was super excited to travel to a city we’ve never been to: Amsterdam! Even if only for a weekend. Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year to visit Amsterdam, when the city awakens from its wintry spell and Holland’s famous tulips come out in bloom.

Our little time table for a sunny spring weekend in pretty Amsterdam:

Have large yummy breakfast. Before you start your exciting and (OMG!!!) sporty day at Amsterdam make sure to visit one of its amazing breakfast places. There are so many more nice and healthy places as in most other cities. Here are our favourites:

1. Corner Bakery: Best for beautiful pics and super delicious french toast
2. Metropolitain: Super stylish and urban cafe with healthy acaii bowls
3. Sticky Fingers: Pink walls and sweet cakes

dsc04320 img_1102

Rent A Bike. You know we are more the foodies than the sporty kind of girls. But when in Amsterdam biking through the romantic little canals (called Grachten) is the most amazing thing. Even we just stayed one night in Amsterdam we had the chance to see most of this small city with the bike. You find bike rentals on every corner for little money… Unfortunately they don’t rent PINK ones.



Visit the Flower Market Amsterdam. Kind of touristic but if you can have pretty PINK roses for less then an Euro you need to go there just to buy them and put them in your bike basket. #bloggerclichés


Go Shopping at the Canals. During your lovely bike trip there are waiting super cute shops with very original stuff and individual clothes not every girl wears in your hometown.


Have a coffee break with MACARONs. Need a little timeout during the bike tour? ALWAYS! Of course with some excellent macarons and cakes at the MACARON By RJA we discovered by chance!


Always stop at Chanel. Not something typical we can do in Amsterdam only, but this store really is super exciting from the outside and of course veryyyyyy dangerous from the inside!

See sex workers in a window. Evening program was super disappointing: All the prostitutes were not naked but had bikinis on… 😉 Unfortunately it is not allowed to take pictures.

At the evening we were simply super groggy! Can you imagine we did not went out for dinner but ordered burger to the room even though we had just one evening! This is what happens when we do sports 😉


img_1757 img_1795

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