O’Zapft is! Let the biggest party on earth begin – but in style, of course!

The Look

For our Oktoberfest kick-off we wore the super elegant Colette Dirndl from the latest Anina W collection. The classy designs made of the finest materials with lots of luxurious details are perfect for After-Wiesn parties, too. Light grey with lovely pastels to match the Wiesn candy land or timeless elegant black – what’s your favorite?

But your Dirndl is just the start!!!
At the Oktoberfest boring hair styles are forbidden – we wanted to make the Wiesn even more fun wearing traditional hats with feathers larger than the Riesenrad 😉 The lovely Miss Piecemaker customized our more than stunning hats in pink and purple. With the countless and incredibly beautiful details featuring horns, brooches, pins and much more our hats are the ultimate show stoppers!

Please beware of the styling no-gos: Dirndl ending above the knee, off-the-shoulder blouses, uncomfortable heels.


The Tents

The latest member to the Oktoberfest family and the place-to-be: the Marstall tent. For meeting a lot of young and native people join the fun at the Schützen Festzelt. If you want to be a part of the Munich Schickeria visit the Käfer Wiesnschänke offering the best food all over the place.
The last serving in the big tents is at 10.30 – if you want to party on move to the Weinzelt, it is open until 1 a.m!

Be prepared to sing along the Wiesn songs (usually the lyrics aren’t that demanding 😉 ) and arrive early enough to avoid standing in front of closed doors. You usually have to sit with strangers, but this oftentimes creates the biggest Wiesn fun – so choose your seat neighbors wisely 😉


The Food

The Oktoberfest offers an incredible variety of bavarian treats! The best preparation for dancing on the benches is a delish Ochsensemmel (Ox-Sandwich) – of course only from the Ochsenbraterei.
For our sweet tooth we can’t get enough of all the yummy treats offered at the countless candy shops. Hot apple rings, sugar roasted almonds, soft and crispy Auszogne… No need for macarons 😉 But our favs are fluffy cotton candy and the traditional ginger bread hearts. Sweets with a love letter? Yes please!



The Carousels

Definitely one of our Wiesn Must-Dos: Seeing the glittering Oktoberfest lights from above – you can enjoy an incredible view from the Riesenrad or the sky-high Kettenkarussell!
For a truly traditional experience try out the Teufelsrad and visit the Schichtl variety show.


The Wiesn Basics

1. Dirndl apron-tying rules: Make sure the bow of your apron sends the right signal!
Left: Single
Right: Happily Taken – or simply enough of pick-up lines 😉

2. Yes, we are born in Munich. But yes, not every Münchner Madl likes beer, sorry 😉 Some tents offer Hugo- or Champagne-Mass for the girly girls. Not traditional but hey, let’s stand out of the crowd!
Btw it’s pronounced Masss, not Maaas!! 😉

3. Make sure to always have your hand fan with you. It’s getting hot in the tents and you can send charming little messages! Being a little flirty is part of the fun 😉

4. The Wiesn fun can get really crazy – be an early bird, leave your credit cards at home and enjoy the rush!

Now have the time of your life and we hope to see some of you! Prost!





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