UNBOXING: Prada Paradigme Bag

As you know we love to travel. And every special trip calls for a special souvenir! So of course we had to bring something with us from beautiful London to remind us of fashion month in this city! (Excuse us if it’s not typically British haha 😉 )

We love, love, love Prada Saffiano bags as they are oh so classy, kind of understatement and we are sure we can still wear them as grannies to our weekly bingo evening – in style, of course! So we immediately were blown away by the new and super special Prada Paradigme bag. The classy shade of warm beige fits to simply every outfit and the PINK embellishments inside and on the shoulder strap add just the right amount of coolness.

How do you like the new addition to our Prada babies?!




img_9499 img_9645 img_0957 img_0958 img_9616


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