The PINK MACARON cruising the UAE


As much as I love the winter season – escaping the cold for a short warm break in the Arabian sun was the best thing I did in a long time. I stayed in Ras Al Khaimah, the most northern emirate about 1.5 hour drive from Dubai and not that developed for tourism yet and I rented a car to explore the region as well as visit Dubai, to see a little more of the UAE than the usual Dubai tourist – this was such a great experience, I highly recommend doing so! And as I’m really into SUVs, I went for the biggest car in the rental pool haha (my absolute dream car is a Land Rover Defender. Ok, my ABSOLUTE dream car is a G Wagon). The most fun ever, driving through the desert whirling up the dust. So here are my favorite spots in the area:

PINK Sights

Ras Al Khaimah

Jebel Jais mountains: In Ras Al Khaimah, you can find the highest mountain of the UAE, the Jebel Jais. The drive to the mountain top couldn’t be more scenic, and the views from the top over the very unique landscape are definitely worth the trip. If you are into adrenaline: on the mountain top, there is also the world’s longest zip-line!

Dhayah Fort: As you know, the whole world once belonged to Great Britain (sorry I’m proud to be British haha), and this fort was the last bastion of local resistance to the British – but enough of history 😉 It’s the highest hilltop fort in the UAE and you get some stunning views here!


One&Only Royal Mirage: Unfortunatelly I didn’t stayed here, but I was able to spend a beach day at this stunning hotel and for me, this is the most beautiful beach in Dubai, as you have this impressive skyline backdrop and the coolest beach club right here.

Dubai’s Half Desert Road: The most kept secret picture spot in Dubai, I had to do a lot of research to find this spot (but now, as I shared the name of the place: just type it into Google Maps haha 😉 ) You probably have seen a lot of pictures on Instagram of this road, half covered by the growing desert dunes, with the skyline in the back. Unfortunatelly, those are photoshopped, and there is no stunning backdrop – but nevertheless, those roads are worth a visit, kind of end time movie feelings right here!

Burj Khalifa: The so far tallest building of the world is of course a must when visiting Dubai. Make sure to book your tickets in advance – unfortunatelly when I visited, there were only the extremely expensive SKY tickets left. Which was imho just a trick to sell those, as there was literally no single person waiting to get to the top, but hey, what can I do. But also from the ground so impressive to see!

PINK Looks

As you may seen in my Stories, I finally got my very first piece from my very favorite summer wardrobe designer: Zimmermann <3 How do you like it? It literally was my from day to night uniform in the city of Dubai – of course next to my favorite swimsuits, as I always prefer a one piece over a bikini (especially in Arabia).

For my desert trips, I went for something more casual: Some cool, high waist shorts, a hat to protect myself from the burning desert sun and most important: booties as you never know what could be waiting under the sand, better be protected! When you’re not into hats, a nice alternative can be a silk scarf wrapped around your head.




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