The PINK MACARON Dirndl Decadence

French brocade woven by hand, tulle and lace, embellished with genuine pearls – if Marie Antoinette wore a dirndl, it would have been Ophelia Blaimer for sure!

There is no women that would not look absolutely amazing in a Dirndl. It brings out the very best of every beauty!
The stunning couture robes by Ophelia Blamier are like straight out of a fairy tale. Glittering and shining brocade patterns in soft pastels with a gold finish and for the crowning glory matching statement jewelry and chain belts – ouff, any more words needed? #princessfeelings

To celebrate our perfect decadent afternoon we of course needed two more things: The most beautiful blooming wild tulips by MIFLORA and some really special PINK MACARONs! At the candy land Sweet Couture you can order your macaron dose online and for Madames Deficit just as us in a luxe version topped with opulent gold leaf. Also the perfect present to show your Mum some love on Mother’s Day! <3

Not a palace festival but probably as least as much fun to shine in our dirndl – the #AudiForFuture event in Munich. We love the idea of bringing innovative Start-ups and the creative blogger community together with CEOs. There is no better way to learn how to fly!

Pictures by Patrick Rottensteiner Photography
















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