The PINK MACARON on the Bright Side

Late summer light and a field full of bright golden sunflowers – life is sweet enjoying the last warm rays of the sun. Loving the passage from summer to autumn, when all the fashion weeks are running and the leaves turn bright orange… But what to wear for a nice late summer day?

The perfect piece PINK MACARONs must have in their closet this fall is a cape! These effortless cover-ups can transform every look in seconds and are the prettiest weather protection for foggy fall evenings. But the best is: they flatter truly every figure! 😉 You can cocoon yourself into your cozy blanket to go or throw a waist belt on to give the cape more silhouette.

We wanted to have something colorful (summer love isn’t over!!!) but warming at the same time. Our favorite brand for those beautiful late summer companions is “Das Cape Mädchen” from the hip Berlin. The stunning capes are made of super soft lambswool and are bicolored – buy one get two 😉
We love the bright yellow to catch the last sunshine and the royal blue, but there are so many more wonderful combinations – you nearly can’t decide!
You can even personalize your capes with your initials to create your very own statement piece – a little Burberry feeling included 😉

Well but how to style like real “Cape Mädchen”:

On these last warmer days we love to feel the soft fabric on our skin and wear the cape with a little black dress or jumpsuit. The cape is the star, accompanied by some super hot thigh high boots to give the fluttering capes more shape and sexappeal.
The most classy accessory and perfect complement for your cape is a big floppy hat made of wool. The bag should create a color pop to avoid being lost in the wrapping. A cross body bag can add some silhouette and instant coolness to your cape look!

So ladies get wrapped up in a cozy cape and enjoy the rest of the indian summer with a lot of sunflowers!


The Blond Macaron
Das Cape Mädchen Cape
Isabel Marant Boots
Chanel Bag
Roeckl Hat

The Brun Macaron
Das Cape Mädchen Cape
Charlotte Olympia Boots
Saint Laurent Cabas Bag
H&M Hat










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