The PINK MACARON Swimming in Snow


Hi loves, the last couple of weeks have been more than exciting! As you might saw on Instagram Stories I quit my job at an amazing eCommerce agency and founded my own PR & Social Media agency. I am more the save person in life that is why I worked for a second pillar in life besides the blogging but also to be independent and my own boss.

This is great but at the moment I am very stressed about Instagram. For me taking good pictures is a process. Something you always get better and better in like sports or every other job. But Instagram gives no reward to that. They only invent one new algorithm per day to push pictures of very big bloggers and the photos from smaller bloggers kind of disappear. Do you have the same feeling? Usually this does not touch me but from time to time I have to say: Thanks for nothing Instagram!

On the other hand if you do great “inspiration pictures” or add something “very instagramable” to your photos like hot air balloons or rainbows all “cool” bloggers laugh at you and your unicorns! Sometimes even followers are mad about that. “This is no real blogging, just fake” they say.

Well I won’t take pictures of myself while sitting on the toilette or walking down the street. I am not that kind of cool street style girl… I want to give something else. Like escaping from your everyday life through my pictures. Put a smile on every face at work or wherever you are in the world right now!

So it was time for a little SPA time out at the super cozy Bio Hotel Stanglwirt which of course is not a real break if you are a blogger. Always keeping in mind to get the best pictures at a beautiful location. Hard life? Not at all! Just a special job! But a job! And where the hell are my PINK UNICORNS???



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