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Sometimes we style an outfit just around one or two accessories. This time it’s all about the uber cool shoes by Peperosa and these futuristic TWINSIE Hexagonal glasses by Ray Ban.

You probably know that bloggers visit press days like journalists. At the beginning of our blogging career we were super exited about every single press day. You get yummy food, meet nice people and can talk about future plans. After two years of press day marathons they are more and more rather work than fun for us. Sometimes we visit more than 10 press events a week. But there is something that still feels like christmas when it comes to press days: The goodie bags!

We are always happy like little children while unboxing all the giveaways. We always do it together right after the press day 😉
If we like something very much we do a blog post about it. We absolutely adore these PINK Ray Ban glasses we got with the Luxottica goodie bag at the Prisco Haus Munich.

The glasses are our highlight while the rest of the outfit is quite casual. Except the heels. Gentlemen style but sexy at the same time.

PINK News: We will create a special PINK MACARON Goodie Bag for you for Christmas – so stay tuned!


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    • Dear Franzi, thanks so much! We are so happy you like it. Here come our 5 style tips:
      1. A classic designer bag is everything- style it to basic clothes and you will look glamorous. Our favorites are by Chanel and the GG bag by Gucci right now.
      2. Never wear something you are not 100% sure about – the others will recognize it. If you not wore some pieces for two years give your closet a detox 😉
      3. Check if you are the spring or summer or autumn or winter typ when it comes to colors- We are the spring typ. So we love to wear pastels. Autumn colors like red and orange don`t work so good with our style
      4. We love knit in the summer and in the winter- nothing cooler then knit sweaters and over knee boots right now
      5. Hats and sunglasses let you look great in a second- want to be a diva- wear both together 😉
      xx Yours PINK MACARONs Sarah & Stephanie

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