The PINK MACARON Instagram Husbands

Valentine’s Day is coming so it’s time to talk about MEN, right 😉 In our case: Instagram husbands. The day blogger girls were born there was a need for the men behind the camera. But how does the blogger life works with dating and relationships? We are taking pictures till the coffee is cold and always need to plan perfect outfits and nice places to go. First is blogging then are men!

Sarah The DATING QUEEN: Well, embarrassing? what’s this? I snap on my dates even when I know the guy only for a view minutes. Because this is how my life looks like, so welcome to reality from minute one, let’s keep it real! I am making money with this so I tell the story of my life. Of course also on an exciting date. Or even a boring one. The problem about being single and being a blogger is that it is harder to take good pics on your own and men almost always don’t take our blogger work serious…

Stephanie The INSTAGRAM WIFEY: I am in a relationship for almost a year now and the funny thing is that my boyfriend found me via Instagram. He saw my profile and thought: Crazy sweet woman – need to have her in my life 😉 First I thought he must be a stalker but now I am super happy that he is addicted to Instagram, too. He sends me inspirations all day long and when we are taking pictures he always wants to get 10 more than me… just to be save! Sounds like a dream and it is – most of the time. But blogging is in your mind every day, every second and at some point you are always more focused on blogging than enjoying the moment with your beloved partner. Holiday destinations are booked for taking pictures and if a picture failed it is HIS fault 😉 Well, of course not, but you also don’t want to disappoint your man as he is investing a lot of time in the blog (for almost no money) and you are the girl in front of the camera. You have to be pretty and are measured by likes! But if I could choose only one like per photo it would be his like!

So we hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with or without an Instagram husband! And make sure to wear this super cute most wanted PINK Mango sweater.



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