UNBOXING: #cccertified Sling Backs

Hey loves,

this unboxing is dedicated to all the super classy ladies!

As you know, whenever we buy something more expensive than ZARA there is one must: How would the piece look on you when you are 60 years old? Would it look ridiculous or still amazing? If it will still be gorgeous on you you can be sure you buy a real classic. So it is worth the money.

Our latest addition to our (very small) shoe closet could not be more timeless: The Chanel Sling-Back!

There are a lot of new colors like nude or light pink but we loved the sexy version of see through lace and black shiny fabric. Have you already discovered the little CC on the heel?

So watch out for our PINK catwalk when we are 60 😉



dsc05886 dsc05881 dsc05879 dsc05880


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