Friday Whatever #18

Friday Whatever – the designer bag issue!

As some of you maybe already seen on my Insta Stories, I’m currently thinking of buying a new bag – and this has to be well chosen. As all of you know, other more reasonable people buy cars or something useful for the money we waste on bags haha!

And the thing with it bags is: when they are too hot, they tend to be oh so outdated in some months and a designer bag has to last for decades imho. Think of the Chloé Drew. Chloé Faye. Céline Luggage. Céline Trapèze. I bet there are so many more examples of suuuuper hyped bags that got suuuuper out right away. It’s probably because of Instagram – you see so many countless pictures of these it bags in a short time and get the feeling that seriously everybody owns them that soon you can’t take them any longer.

But as a bag in this price range is a big investment, I still want to wear it in 10 years or even when I’m a grannie not giving her bags away to her grandkids hehe 😉 Actually I really like the black velvet Gucci Marmont, but I’m too afraid that her time is over yet. Do you think she may become a classic? Which bag do you think will become the next must have? I have no clue yet and I kind of want to wait for the next big thing. Suggestions are welcome!





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